Back To The Garden - Part 5

Part 5

Well, at least she has an excuse to talk about the future now.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1969; the road to Yasgur's Farm is already congested] (CW) "Well, I thought we'd beat the traffic. Turns out it's almost as bad out this way too!" (NB) "Oh man. It's gonna start without us!" (CW) "Don't worry. No one's gonna come on stage until five in the afternoon, when Richie Havens does a solo set!" (BF) "You sure about that?" (BG) "Cass... Uh... Sandstone??? (CW, realizing her mistake) "Oops... Um... Yeah, I'm a psychic! And I... have a special forecasting stone in this little pendant! When I look into it I can see the events of the future unfold!" (NB) "Wow... That's far out man! (CW, to MG, whispering) "whew! That was a close one!" (MG, whispering also) "Yeah... I say we wait until they're all drugged up before we talk about future-related stuff."

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