Back To The Garden - Part 4

Part 4

Better safe than sorry!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1969] (CW, in the shotgun seat) "You sure I-80 was all done by this time?" (ND) "Yes. Once we get to US Highway 11, we'll turn left." [Two hitchhikers holding a "WOODSTOCK" sign] (BG, off-screen) "Hey! There's a couple of people wanting a ride to Woodstock!" (CW, offscreen) "Uhhh. I dunno if we should be picking up hitchhikers, Beth." (BG) "Well, how about this. We get their names and Nicki peeks into the future and does a little background check on both of them!" (CW) "Okay. Nicki, act like you're getting out to pee, run into the bushes... [ND pulls the van over] ...and once you have the names, go back to 2009. Go through any news articles and police records you can find, and radio me with the results." (ND) "Will do, Cassie!" (CW, to the couple) "Hey there! I think we have room!" (Dude) "Groovy, Man!" (CW) "What's your names?" (ND) "Whoo... My bladder is at critical mass!" (Neptune) "They call me Neptune Blakey. And this is my girl, Butterfly!" (Butterfly) "Hello!" (ND, to herself as she activates her personal time machine) Butterfly and Neptune Blakey. (CW) "I'm Sandstone, and these are my friends Moonbat and Honeydew. You two from around here?" (BF) "Yeah, we live in Cleveland." (ND, via radio) "Cassie, they check out. They have no criminal records and they now own a pottery shop in San Jose." (CW) "Hop on in! And there's Nightingale!" (ND) "Hi! I just had to drop a gallon!" (CW, whispering) "okay you can stop acting now!"

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