That's Not His Name

That's Not His Name

This is sorta autobiographical. I sometimes find myself singing "That's Not My Name", but fortunately I've never been caught by anyone in mid-song. And I gotta be extra-careful things STAY that way.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [MG is washing his car to "That's Not My Name" by the Ting Tings] "Holding back, everyday the same, Don't wanna be a loner, Listen to me, oh nooo, I never say anything at all, But with nothing to consider they forget my name... name... name... They call me hell! They call me Staceeeey! They call me her! They call me Jane! That's not my name, That's not my name, That's not my name, That's not myyy name... They call me quiet, But I'm a riot, Mary-Jo-Lisa..." [caught mid-lyric by CW!] "...AAH." (blushing) "um... yeah... So, I'm really digging that Ting Tings song." (CW) "I can see that, 'Stacey'."

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