Deux Filles, Une Tasse

Deux Filles, Une Tasse

My high school French classes paid off for something! (Rough translation: "Hmmm... yes... oh yes... ohhohoho... What? Holy blue! Is she eating the shit? Ugh! What are they doing now? NO! EUGH! BLEAH! THAT IS MOST DETESTABLE!!! But I love them... I'm feeling hot...")

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1777; France!] (Marquis de Sade) "Hmmm... Oui... Mais OUI... Ohohohooo... Quoi??? Sacre bleu!!! Est-ce-qu'elle manger le merde??? UGH!!! Qu'est-ce qu'elle fait maintenant?!?! NON!!! EUGH! BLEAH!!!! C'EST LE PLUS DETESTABLE!!!! Mais je leurs aime... je fais chaud..." [2007; Cassie's computer room] (MG) "You really think anyone's gonna believe that's the real Marquis de Sade reacting to 2 Girls 1 Cup?" (CW) "Of course not... but why keep the fruits of my curiosity to myself?"

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