About Last Night... 18 Years Ago... - Part 9

Part 9

Concluding our storyline-within-a-storyline about the history of Maggie. The other story isn't done yet, though.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1349] (CW, in Ireland) I went back a few days and found Maggie already suffering from the plague. (MH) "`Tis too late for me, miss (cough) You should leave before it spreads to ya." (CW) "Maggie, listen to me. I can save your life, but you have to trust me and keep secret what I'm about to tell you." That was when I revealed that I was a time traveler from the future. She was skeptical at first, but her strong will to live and her curiosity about the future got her over that quickly. [2154] The next stop was the 22nd Century and a medicine vending machine. [Ready Remedy, Treatments for over 20,000 ailments! 50 flavors to choose from!] I had every intention of taking her back to the 14th Century, but she had other ideas. (MH) Cassie, there's nobody for me to go back to. And my world is so desolate and dreary. You're my first true friend... and I want to live wherever – and whenever – your home is." [2002; Dallas] So I set up some investments and bank accounts for her, and that, along with a few strategic wagers at the horse races, paid for a loft and four years of college. I started her out in 2002, so she'd end up closer to my age. [2006] I jumped forward a few months at a time to visit her, and once she made it to 2006, I got her a job at TerCon in Public Relations. That was when she met Rodney, and the rest was history... well, before I changed that history.

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