If You See Kay

If You See Kay

This gag originated from a conversation my wife and I had a few months ago. We were talking about Britney Spears' latest single "If You Seek Amy" and at one point I said "well, it could be worse... I could hold a bottle of tea up to my eyes and say that I 'see you in tea'."

(There WAS also a song called "If You See Kay", put out in 1992 by the alternative band Poster Children.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG, explaining off-screen) So I'm at this bar, and I'm reading the "Observer", and I get to this huge ad for a spa promoting a new green tea bath. I put the paper down, and right in front of me I see a lady who looks just like the model in that ad! So then, very innocently but very eager to meet her, I walk up to her and the first thing out of my mouth is... "Hey! I see you in tea!" [go ahead and pronounce that out phonetically...] (CW) "HAHAHA! Oh shit... Um... So did you want me to go back to that point and pull you away before that happened?" (MG, holding his midsection) "It'd be a lot more pleasant than a punch in the gut, but no, that's okay..."

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