Father Time-Travel - Part 4

Part 4

Here is the story behind Cassie's house... or how she bought it, anyway.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Dad) "So anyway, who's Agent Scott again?" (CW) "Er... Agent... Scott? He's.. a guy we called to get a quote for homeowner's insurance. I didn't think that was your territory." (Dad) "Well, of course I still sell home insurance! You got the deed papers handy? I may be able to get you a better deal! (CW, suddenly realizing she's in trouble, to herself) Oh FUCK... He's gonna see it's in my name and wonder where I got the money. I gotta come up with a new 'owner'! (to Dad) "Um... you'll have to ask the actual owner of the house... (stalling for time) uh... NICKI!" (Nicki) "Hello, Cassie. Do we have company?" (Dad) "Hello, miss! I don't think we've ever met!" [Cassie texting furiously behind dad's back] (Nicki) "My name is Nicki. I am pleased to meet you, sir!" (Dad) "I'm Bobby Wells. Cassie's father." (CW) "Yeah! Nicki's... MOTHER owned this house before she passed away years ago, now it's hers!" (Nicki, who is confused) "But I don't..." (CW, giving her a BUMP with the elbow) "SSHH!" (Dad) "So, you're the owner of this house, then?" PLEASE go along with whatever I say for the time being!!! And don't mention that you're a robot! (Nicki, subprocessors kicking in) "Yes... Yes I am, sir!" (CW) "That's RIGHT! Now, I'll go look for those papers while you two get acquainted..." (runs out of the house; to herself) ...That is, after I do a little year-hopping and mop up this huge mess!

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