Father Time-Travel - Part 3

Part 3

You think it was an awkward moment today... wait until the NEXT installment! :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG) "Mr. Wells! What brings you here?" (Dad) "Hey there Bethany! I'm just meeting with some clients around Dallas today, and I thought I'd come by and see how y'all were doing!" (CW) "Look out the window and check out how he got here!" (BG) "What are you talking ab... Oh CRAP is that a HARLEY???" (Dad) "It sure is! I bought that bike with money that would've been wiped out in the stock market anyway. And you can thank Cassie for that. Last summer [2008, when the housing market collapsed] she told me to start moving our investments away from stocks, because she had a bad feeling about where the economy was headed. You'd think she was a psychic or something!" (BG) "Yeah. How DO you do it, Cassie?" (CW) "Well... um... Sometimes I surprise myself, ya know... Uh... HEY! How about those MAVERICKS!!!"

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