I Am The Anachronist, I Am An Anarchist

I Am The Anachronist, I Am An Anarchist

I was gonna have them talk about the Sex Pistols and either the Clash or Buzzcocks... but it turns out none of these groups ever played CBGB's (a place that I was fortunate enough to visit myself while it was still around - in May of 1997).

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1978: Just outside the music club CBGB's in New York City] (CW, with the mega purple mohawk) "So what did you think of the show? Was CBGB's in the Golden Age of Punk worth all the hassle?" (BG, in tube top and studded collar) "Are you shitting me? That was FUCKING AWESOME! Did you see that huge fight break out in front of Richard Hell?" (CW) "Oh yeah, THAT was exciting. And it looked like Matt got a lot of the gobbing while The Damned were doing their set! How was the spit-storm, buddy?" (MG, in a Ramones tank top and hair messed up) "YECCH... EWWW... I'm just gonna go shave my head now before I puke again."

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