I, Ro-Hot - Part 6

Part 6

You knew the Secret Service would build their own time machine sooner or later.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (KS) "We're all set. Our lab guys are looking forward to meeting your new robot friend here!" (CW) "How long do you think it'll take?" (KS) "It may be a while. We've made significant progress in our 'Synthnapse studies, but she may be a tough nut to crack. It may take days, even weeks to alter her memory." (CW) "-Sigh- Okay, let me get this over with. (going into "code" mode) Nicki, Admin Cassie, Passcode Rufus, grants temporary complete admin privileges to Keith Scott, including software modification and delegation of authority. Confirm that?" (Nicki) "Confirmed. Keith, please create a new passcode by saying 'New Passcode' and whatever it is." (KS) "Um... alright. New passcode... Bushwick." (Nicki) "Confirmed passcode 'Bushwick' and saved your voiceprint. I can now take commands from you, Keith." (KS, to Cassie) "Don't you worry. She'll be in very good hands. I'm confident our staff can get this done." [Robot hugs] (Nicki) "Goodbye, Cassie. I'll be back soon!" (CW) "I'm gonna miss you, Nicki! (car pulls off) Crap. And I was just getting used to having her around, too. This better not take a hell of a long time... [Time portal!] (KS, with Nicki in a new outfit behind him) "Oh yeah, did I mention we have our own time machine now?"

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