I, Ro-Hot - Part 4

Part 4

No dogs were harmed in the making of this strip.

Comic transcript

(CW, at the computer, hooked up to her new "external hard drive") "Okay, let's alter some settings here... Reset date to February 6, 2009." (Nicki) "Unable to process request. I cannot reset my internal clock before my manufacture date of July 30, 2023." (CW, suddenly realizing this won't be easy) "Shit... Nicki, what do you know about the concept of time travel?" (Nicki) "Time-traveling into the future was theorized by Albert Einstein and further researched by Michio Kaku. No possibility exists for time-traveling into the past." (CW, to herself) I was afraid of this... Okay, let's try hacking her core memory... Dammit, I can't do that EITHER! Well, there's only one person I can turn to now... (goes outside) "AGENT SCOTT? KEITH? ARE YOU OUT HERE? I NEED YOUR HELP!!!" (nothing; to herself) Fuck. This would be a day off for him. Now what... [CW re-enters the house – just as a dog comes running into the yard] (KS) "Cassie? CASSIE! I ran out of water and had to get... Crap. I hope the door-scratching mechanism works on this thing."

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