A Whole New Meaning To Taking Dictation

A Whole New Meaning To Taking Dictation

TLT Trivia: This is the first appearance of Chad, not a major character but a "friend with benefits" of Cassie's.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW in the lab) "I'm gonna take a short break." (Gordo, CW's unnamed lab director, more interested in his microscope) "`Kay." (CW, activating the time portal in another room, to herself) I knew I'd get all worked up sooner or later today... (punching the keys on the building alarm) Or make that tonight... Okay, turn off alarm... (emerges from what appears to be the ladies' room – holding her lab-coat closed) And... I'm all set! He should be here soon. Hopefully I gave him good directions the other night. (Chad, who is greeted at the door by Cassie – in a pink nightie) "Cassie!" (CW) "Hey, Chad! You're right on time!" [passionate kiss at the door] (Chad) "I didn't see any cars out front, so I didn't know if you were here..." (CW, tugging him by the tie and leading him past the front desk) "Well I am, so... you ever done it on top of a conference table before?"

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