Multiplicity 2009

Multiplicity 2009

Starring Cassie Wells, Cassie Wells, Cassie Wells, Cassie Wells, Cassie Wells and Cassie Wells... with a special appearance by Oy the dinosaur!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, in bed, to herself) Time to get up and go to work, lazy-ass... (yawning as she's waking up) "Yaww... huh?" (CW jogs past her sleepy self) "Hey... don't mind me..." (Just getting out of the shower) "OH!" (another CW) "Oh shit... my bad!" (in the kitchen – and another CW is having a bowl of cereal! It's yummy OY Puffs!) "Milk was gonna go bad tomorrow, so..." (CW) "Oh, that's fine, go right ahead!" (in the living room, yet ANOTHER CW is watching TV) "Have a good day at work!" (CW) "Er... Thanks." (to herself as she walks past ANOTHER CW watering flowers) It must be an incredibly nice day today if I'm overlapping myself that much already...

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