Stalemate In The Gridiron War

Stalemate In The Gridiron War

This was one where I was gonna let the BCS Championship Game decide the punchline. If Cassie's Sooners would have won, in the last panel she would've said "Well, we lost the battle but we won the war" instead. Rodney's reaction wouldn't have changed, though.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (RO) "Hey, Cass." (CW) "Hey Rod." [awkward silence as CW pours her coffee into her OU mug... and Rodney waits for the comment with his UT mug] (CW) "Yeah, well... You guys still didn't finish number one." [The Sooners lost to the University of Florida in the BCS Championship Game] (RO) "WHATEVER."

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