Cassie's Bucket List #7

Cassie's Bucket List #7

I've always preferred Letterman over Leno... probably why I've featured Dave twice in this comic now

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - CASSIE'S BUCKET LIST "#7 – Get involved in a David Letterman bit of some sort." [1985] (Letterman, on the set of Late Night on NBC, is doing the "Camera on the Street" shtick) "Excuse me, ma'am, what's your name?" (CW, in an obvious 80's outfit – with a purple top!) "Cassie." (DL) "Hi, Cassie! Where ya from?" (CW) "Dallas." (DL) "Dallas! You work for Ewing Oil? Hah hahhh..." (CW) "Haha... no!" (DL) "Okay, so, Cassie... Ah... You have any paper clips in your handbag there?" (CW) "Um, actually, yeah, I think I have some!..."

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