Close Encounters Of The Turd Kind - Part 4

Part 4

You knew the Secret Service would be involved in alien visits...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Blurg, as they cart away the toilet seats – with the garden hose on top) "I'm glad to be off that garden hose. That thing was a couple inches away from an unpleasant situation." (CW) "I'm just glad no one said a word about what sat on the hose." (Blurg) "In fact, you can keep the hose. My gift to you for your help." (CW) "Well... uh..." (Blurg) "Just soak that end in some dark beer. That'll kill all the germs our kind gets." (CW) "Ah, okay. (realizing) Hey, what's a lawn mower doing all the way out here by itself?" (Blurg) "Somebody just left it there? That's way too big to be forgotten." (CW) "Oh, wait, I know what's going on... Agent Scott? He's not gonna harm me, I'm just helping him out!" (KS, emerging from the top of the mower) "- Sigh- I knew I should've gone with the scooter. [to Blurg] Okay, green man... What are you doing outside of the approved E-T roam zones?" (Blurg) "I'm sorry, sir. I'm not the one that usually does business on earth..."

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