Close Encounters Of The Turd Kind - Part 3

Part 3

In panel 3, I couldn't find a good enough picture on the web to put there... so I went out myself last night and took a picture of a Home Depot parking lot.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "So, Blurg, what's with all the toilet seats?" (Blurg) "I work for an outer-space rest stop. We get a good number of travelers, enough to just get by financially. [Cast of Last Stop in background as Blurg explains] We make our money by selling toiletries to our clients. My boss is a pretty decent guy and a good friend... though he's a little bit slimy. Literally. (Parking lot of Home Depot) We usually make a supply run on Halloween. We don't get as many strange looks from Earthlings on that day." (CW, pulling her car into a parking space) "Makes sense. You want me to go in and get the seats for you?" (Blurg) "Normally I'd let you... but I can't remember the brand or model Klunk wants me to get. I'd know it if I saw it... So how can I get in there and pick it out without causing a commotion?" (CW) "Hmmm... I've got an idea... If you can sneak over to the garden hoses..." [CW has Blurg on a flatbed cart, sitting on top of a garden hose] (HD Customer) "Oh, how cute! Where can I get one of those sprinkler toys?" (CW) "I... uh... Just got the last one. Sorry 'bout that."

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