Internet Reminiscing Chat

Internet Reminiscing Chat

Although I myself wasn't introduced to the Internet until early 1995, thanks to a now-defunct coffee shop in a shopping center on the corner of Legacy & Independence in Plano, I'm sure it was just about the same a year or two earlier.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [World2 once again... and this time we meet a new character...] (NCDFW) So how long have you been online? (Philip78TX – remember that name) This is gonna sound so nerdy... since 1993, when I was 15 and a computer geek (NCDFW) No way! Did you have an AOL account? :) (P78TX) LOL... I kept getting the AOHell disks in the mail, but no... I was a CompuServe kid [P78's avatar is dressed in black w/white hair] (NCDFW) LOL, I remember those disks... our family had the internet since 1996, and those modems are so agonizingly slooooooow now (P78TX) I remember when 28.8 dialup was a luxury... LMAO XD (NCDFW) LOL, we're so spoiled now (P78TX) And it was mostly us tech nerds online back then, not the broad spectrum of people from all walks of life on MySpace... the chatrooms would be discussing nothing but sci-fi shows, graphic novels and technical stuff (NCDFW) I'm not at all surprised by that [1994; CW on her laptop – in the old AOL chatrooms!] (NCDFW) So, who watched the latest Seinfeld last night? (XfilesPhile) Who cares about Seinfeld? Such a whiner (UltimaGuru) Hey NE1 see The Mask yet? (WolverineSTL) I did, it was OK, but I still like the comic books better

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