Election Daze

Election Daze

I did a bit of research into finding the perfect era for Cassie to relax in, where there was plant life on land but the creatures didn't make it out of the water just yet. So I settled on the start of the Devonian Era.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG) "Where's Cassie?" (BG) "She won't be back until Wednesday." (MG) "So she's not gonna vote... or did she already do that?" (BG) "Yeah, she went to early voting a week ago. She told me she was tired of all the media saturation regarding the election..." [416,000,000 BC] (BG, in background) ...So she's going somewhere for a few days to totally relax and put her mind at ease. (CW, thinking to herself as she lays out on a blanket with a cooler) Ahh... Absolute peace & quiet... when life hasn't evolved yet into anything that might kill me...

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