Time Scene Investigation - Part 10

Part 10

I do plan on having Cassie meet some aliens in the near future...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Back to 2008] (BG) "Oh, RIGHT, CALM DOWN when OTHER AGENTS are gonna BUST IN HERE ANY FUCKING SECOND!" (CW) "I KNOW! I'm going NOW! I'll be back before you know it!" [FBI Agents barge in!] (FBI Agent, presumably "Thin Albert") FREEZE!" (Agent 2) "Where's AGENT SCOTT???" (BG) "OH $#!+…" [Time portal fades out behind Cassie, then] (KS, behind them both with CW) "I'm right here, guys… Lower your weapons! These young ladies are gonna cooperate with us." (CW) "Start packing, Bethany… They're flying us and Matt to Washington!" [Washington DC, the Pentagon, 2008] (FBI Department of Paranormal Activity Director, voice-overs of the photo of the Pentagon) "So we have your word that you won't mess with any political leaders, past or present… and you'll keep your time-travel ing out of the public eye?" (CW) "Uh-huh!" (BG) "Yes, Sir!" (MG) "Sure thing!" (Dept. Director, seated with KS at a table in the Pentagon) "Good… Any other questions?" (MS) "Um, yeah… Have y'all really encountered aliens from other planets?" (DD) "We can tell you, but we'd have to wipe your brain afterwards…" (KS) "Ah, no need, no one's gonna believe him. Yes, Matt, we have." [Cassie is trying to keep from laughing] (MG) "Oh cool – HEYYY…"

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