Time Scene Investigation - Part 9

Part 9

National Treasure WAS a fun film... and its sequel wasn't half bad, either.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1522] (KS) "Look… I'm putting my gun away. I know you're a level-headed lady. And I know you want to live a normal life, having made such an incredible scientific breakthrough. I'm good friends with the head of our division, we can cut you a deal." (CW, still holding the time machine away from him) "That's fine, and I believe you, BUT… I won't agree to ANYTHING unless I get to keep my time machine." (KS) "Well, our only question would be, how can we trust you to be cautious and responsible about time-traveling?" (CW, holding the time machine up) "How's this… I built this thing in 2005. I've been time traveling for three years now. I've shared my secret only with friends that I know I can trust with my very life." (KS) "Works for me. Now if my boss can accept that, you'll get your wish. …As long as our agency gets a copy of the schematics of the time machine, and that you'll be available to help us if we need assistance with a case." (CW, sitting on the ground) "Oooh, I can be a part-time spy?" (KS) "Something like that." (CW) "I think I can live with that." (KS) "Cool. So are the schematics at your house?" (CW) "Um… No, they're kinda… Written in invisible ink on the back of the Declaration of Independence." (KS, shocked) "ARE YOU SERIOUS???" (CW, grinning) "NOPE! But did you ever see National Treasure? I LOVED that movie!"

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