Time Scene Investigation - Part 7

Part 7

So you won't get confused: Cassie grabs the time machine in her bedroom, time-warps to yesterday (bumping into yesterday's Bethany in the process), goes back to the other side of the hall, sets the time machine for five minutes earlier than when she left, comes back, sets the machine for way in the past, and opens the time window just in time for Keith to enter the hallway.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW is ON THE LAM!) Okay… Stay calm… Just get to a previous time, reposition yourself, and get back here five minutes early… (KS, into earpiece) "Subcompact to Thin Albert! Subject is fleeing! [runs after CW] Send backup IMMEDIAT— [and runs right into a time portal!] WHAT THE…" [FZZZT] (BG) "WHAT THE…!" (CW, behind her) "He's safe. Oh, and I apologize for knocking over you and your laundry yesterday."

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