Time Scene Investigation - Part 5

Part 5

"Geez, Thomas, I don't think you put enough dialogue in this one." Yeah, yeah, I know...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (KS, with BG and CW inside) "Let's get down to business here, Cassie. It has been brought to our attention that you may possess a machine that enables you to travel through time." (CW) "And where is the proof of this?" (KS) "Well, I'll show you." [Mall Security Cameras, showing CW and BG] Earlier this year, security cameras in the alley of a local mall caught the image of two figures creating a ring of light using a handheld device… and disappearing into it. We didn't know what to think of it… until the mall showed us footage of a similar event that took place in 1988 at the very same spot… except that two identical figures were emerging from a ring of light. [KS holds some papers in his hands] "We then concluded that this was a possible time-travel occurrence. So we formed a small investigative team to seek out other local reports of similar paranormal activity. This eventually led to our ability to identify the two of you and your residence. We also looked for images or videos, dating back to the invention of photography, that might possibly contain your likeness along with the timetravel device. [Photos of CW and the RO3 girls running outside the Ed Sullivan theater from strip 65; CW catching the "fish" in strip 71] The evidence that our team came up with was quite captivating… such as pictures taken at a Faith No More video shoot… film footage from when the Beatles first visited New York City… [shows her the article on "Crazy Cass" Wilson from strip 7!] …And a certain article in a Time-Life book series on legends of the Old West. This look familiar to you?" (CW) "Um. Yeah…" (to herself) I really need to cover my tracks better.

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