Chat Of The Dead

Chat Of The Dead

Special cameo appearance by Zed from Michael Moreno's Ted & Zed webcomic.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [CW is on World2 yet again] (ZedTheZombie, from Ted and Zed) is this a cool place or what!!! (NCDFW) yeah, I love how huge and diverse this virtual world is, with everybody putting up houses and clubs, making cars, furniture and stuff like that (ZTZ) you think it'll ever get to the point where it's like The Matrix, where you can't tell the real world from the fake? (NCDFW) LOL... you never know, maybe far into the future the pollution and the global warming will get so bad, we may have to retreat underground and start socializing in a Matrix-like program until the Earth is habitable again (ZTZ) LOL, so basically the Matrix starts out as a way to frolic under blue skies again after the environment gets ruined? =) (NCDFW) probably – minus the energy-sucking robotic beings of course – and I'm sure the technology will be advanced enough that it looks exactly like real life (MG, looking over her shoulder) "So by turning your accounts of the future into speculation, no one thinks you're serious and the continuum is preserved, eh?" (CW) "Well, when it comes to the future, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction..."

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