Yabba Dabba Do Me

Yabba Dabba Do Me

And don't worry, Cassie's fully inoculated against whatever the Cro-Magnon might have been carrying, thanks to the revolutionary mid-21st-century OmniVaccin® system!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG) "WHOA! Where have YOU just been... the Prehistoric Era?" (CW, in a minimalistic "cavewoman" outfit) "Exactly... I wanted to see for myself how guys lived in the stone age... aaaand I happened to get boned by one of them." (BG) "You got some Caveman ©0©X?" (CW, sitting down gingerly) "Yep. I wasn't even planning on it, but he saw me, and.... um... I could tell he was... interested, and I was a bit intrigued about the idea anyway, so... yyyeah." (BG) "So what was that like?" (CW) "Just raw, emotionless doggy-style pounding. There was no foreplay, no words exchanged, no romance, no kissing... That didn't come around until the Romans, anyway. Nothing but downn- dirty grunting and %Ω©X!ng. It may have seemed savage and harsh, but to me it was strangely enjoyable..." (BG) "Wow. Not even any kissing." (CW) "And that's a good thing. Oral hygiene didn't even exist back in those days. Blech..."

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