Guest Strip By Michael Moreno

Guest Strip By Michael Moreno

I'd like to thank all my fellow webcomic artists who contributed to my Guest Strip Showcase. Today's feature was conjured up by fellow Metroplexer Michael Moreno (a.k.a. Mac L. Pirata), creator of the undead-stick-figure extravaganza Ted & Zed and the cute-yet-twisted Death By Bunny.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Guest Strip Showcase: Mac L. Pirata] [1956; and Sam Beckett has made yet another Quantum Leap] (Sam, in farmer's overalls, holding a pig in front of a sty) "Tina's cheating on you?" (Al) "Can you believe it?" (SB) "It boggles the mind. Why am I here, Al?" (Al) "Oh, uh, Ziggy says there a 72% chance you're here to... [Incoming Cassie from the top right!] ...Fix the pi... [RIGHT into the pig sty!] Gooshie, if you're not recording this, I'm gonna quit!" (Ziggy) WAAAH! (SB) "AL!" (CW, under Sam in the mud pit) "Huh. No one's ever called me Al before..."

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