Guest Strip By Kelly Ferdinando

Guest Strip By Kelly Ferdinando

If you're reading this right now, I'm currently out in the Gulf of Mexico on a Carnival Fun Ship... and odds are there won't be an old Queen song playing in the background while I'm doing all sorts of fun stuff on that boat. Anyway, there's three different friends of mine filling in while I'm sailing away. Today it's Kelly Ferdinando, who pens the excellent webcomic Rule Of Three!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Katerli) "Hey, Stone, are you feeling better?" (Stone) "Still got a sore throat, but the porn is making me feel bett... Hey! Doesn't that girl look like Cassie!" (Kat) "What? Where?" (Stone) "OH MY GOD! That IS Cassie!" (Katerli) "Who'd thought Bob Saget would have a sex tape leaked?" (Stone) "Who'd thought Cassie had that pierced!" (Katerli, now on the phone...) "Hey Cassie, it's Katerli..." (Stone, holding up his "iPear") "I gotta call Floyd! He's got a thing for Cassie. [pause] Dammit Kat, the video's gone! You couldn't have waited another ten minutes to call her?" [1987] (CW, quietly) "I can't believe I left the tape behind!" (Sexing CW, off screen) "YES YES YES, GIVE IT TO ME DANNY TANNER!" (CW, to herself) This is the last time I drink four Long Island iced Teas while on the prowl for celebrity meat.

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