Huzzah For The Sanitation Guild!

Huzzah For The Sanitation Guild!

My wife Kristi, who turned 28 the day before this comic, made a special birthday request... to include her in a TLT comic. And here is the result of that. (Keep in mind, however, that we haven't been to a ren-fest in years.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Renaissance Festival, Magnolia, Texas] (Kristi Overbeck, with hubby TMO in the jester's cap in the background) "I say, Miss Cassandra, if indeed thou possesseth a magical pendant to takest thou back in time to the actual renaissance era, why wouldst thou even visit this place instead of experiencing the real thing?" (CW, in her gypsy outfit – and "pirate Matt" behind her) "Two words, Lady Kristi. HEALTH CODE."

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