Takin' Her Back To The Old School - Part 9

Part 9

This concludes the class reunion storyline. Just goes to show you that you never know when inspiration will strike someone.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Back to the reunion in Shreveport] (Shanna) "Cassieeee! I haven't seen you in forever!" (CW, with Bethany in tow) "Uh, hey, Shanna!" (Shanna) "Our valedictorian's here too! Remember Victor?" (Victor Martinez) "What's up, spotlight stealer?" (CW) "Huh? (VM) "Ah, I'm messin' with ya! That speech you gave was quite memorable. In fact, I mentioned part of your speech to a friend who knew this up-and-coming Natasha singer...." (Shanna) "...And the rest is history, right? So, you getting any royalties on that?" (CW, very surprised) "What? Uh, no, I don't need 'em!" (afterwards, to BG) "...Now I wrote that! But she already... I feel so guilty now!" (BG) "Don't worry about it! We still give her the credit and she's still rich! It all works out!" (Shanna) "You remember Li, don't you, Cassie?" (Li) "Hey! How ya been?" (CW) "Just fine. I'm a nanotech engineer in Dallas now." (Li) "Cool... I'm an attorney at a law firm in Plano! Let's do lunch sometime!" (CW) "You know, Beth, I'm beginning to enjoy this reunion now..." (BG) "That's funny. Last night she said she was working tech support..."

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