May You Be Too Busy In The Afterlife To Be Smiling Down On Us

May You Be Too Busy In The Afterlife To Be Smiling Down On Us

My simple little tribute to one of the comic legends, George Carlin. There were times on Friday and Saturday nights in the 80's when I would stay up late after my parents had went to bed, turn the TV on, and in between the videos on MTV (not to mention TBS's "Night Tracks") and the R-rated comedies on the premium channels, on occasion there would be a George Carlin standup performance on HBO. George was always a no-BS type of guy, honest to a fault... and he will be dearly missed.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [In memory of George Carlin, 1937-2008; CW's listening to a classic bit by George] "No one wants to get old. No one wants to die, but we do! So we bullshit ourselves. I started bullshitting myself when I got to my forties. As soon as I got into my forties I'd look in the mirror and I'd say, 'Well... I guess I'm getting... older.' 'Older' sounds a little better than 'old', doesn't it? Sounds like it might even last a little longer. Bullshit! I'm getting old, and it's okay, because thanks to our fear of death in this country, I won't have to die. I'll 'pass away', or I'll 'expire', like a magazine subscription. If it happens in the hospital, they'll call it a 'terminal episode.' The insurance company will refer to it as 'negative patient care outcome'. And if it's a result of malpractice, they'll say it was a 'therapeutic misadventure'." (Message from Thomas) Rest in peace, George. And thank you for all those HBO specials that kept me entertained, not to mention enlightened, during my teenage years.

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