One-Stop Multi-Year Shopping - Part 6

Part 6

Here's where the mall storyline wraps up. It probably took a good 2-3 days for Cassie & Bethany to do all that shopping, what with all the wardrobe and hair changes.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1983] (CW, dressed in her "Physical" getup, to MG) "So, like, didja have a totally bitchin' time at the arcade?" (MG) "Sure did, Olivia Newton-John. I'm exhausted! (through the time portal to 2008) Did y'all get a lot of cool stuff on your shopping spree?" (BG) Tons of stuff. We loaded it all into the car before we came to pick you up." (CW) "I got your Garfield book, that 'Superfection' game, and I came across something else you'd probably like." (MG) "`Coleco-vision!' Sweet!!!" (CW) "Yep! In mint condition, with the super controllers! It cost almost as much as a 'Wii', though..."

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