One-Stop Multi-Year Shopping - Part 5

Part 5

All those jingles started knocking around in my head again when I put this together... from The Gap to Sasson to others like Sergio Valente.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1980; BG and CW are at The Gap] (BG) "Aw, cool... Jordache! I gotta get a couple pairs of these!" (CW) "And look what else we got... 'Ooh la la... Sasson!'" (BG) "Hard to believe this is the same Gap that's now all nice and upscale-looking, with A-list celebrities shilling for it." (CW) "Yeah, I'd love to hear Lenny Kravitz sing the old 'Fall-in-to-the-Gap' jingle!"

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