The Sound Of (Radio) Silence

The Sound Of (Radio) Silence

Special guest stars Radio Silence, the up-and-coming quintet from London! (Or actually, from the talented Canadian cartoonist Vanessa Stefaniuk.)

Comic transcript

[NanoCon '17 is underway, and a band named Radio Silence is roaming the exhibition space] (Colbie, looking around) "Where's the stage supposed to be???" (Wren) "I dinnae know!" (CW, surprised at the attendees and their equipment) "Huh? There's LIVE BANDS this year?" (Brent) "Yeah, our manager heard that this convention draws a young, hip crowd!" (CW) "That's good to know... so where are y'all from?" (Liz, the aforementioned manager) "All the way from England!" (CW) "Wow... your band flew here just for NanoCon?" (Liz, as the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center is shown) "Actually, we're about to start an American tour with Arctic Monkeys and Django Django... I decided this would be a good warmup show." (Brent) I don't suppose your company caters to musicians any?" (CW) "Not precisely, but we DO have some products we're working on that could interest you... like reconstructive ear drops that reinforce and repair eardrums when everything gets too loud... or self-mending vinyl for scratch-happy DJ's!" (Matt, leading the rest of the band in the other direction) "Okay, the stage is THIS way!" (Shy, a little perturbed) "Are you SURE? Don't get all 'Spinal Tap' on us ALREADY!"

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