One-Stop Multi-Year Shopping - Part 1

Part 1

The way things are going these days, malls seem to be losing popularity to "outdoor malls" and "lifestyle centers" (a.k.a. fancy strip centers). Which is sad, because malls are a nice, temperature-controlled place to shop and congregate. Valley View in Dallas appears to be the next old mall to get gutted and turned into a fancy retail-residential area. Enjoy it while you can, Cassie.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "Hey, Beth, you wanna go to the mall?" (BG) "Are we talking about a present-day mall, or a mall from decades ago?" (CW) "A little of both... We'll just go to Valley View Mall. It's kept its popularity in all the 35 years of its existence! I want some new clothes, and I also want to get some vintage games and stuff from the 80's." (BG) "Cool. Matt, you wanna come with us?" (MG) "I'm supposed to follow you two around as you spend hours on end trying on clothes? You think I'm crazy or something???" (CW) "Three words – 'Classic Arcade Games'." (MG) "I thought you'd never ask! Let's go!" [BG holds back a laugh]

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