Sign O' The Times Like This

Sign O' The Times Like This

Special guest appearance by Prince, who is still one of my favorite artists.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1986; Minneapolis] (Songwriter, seated in a purple booth with a rather interesting "logo" hanging from his necklace, to himself) "House quake... Everybody jump up and down..". Yeah, I believe I got a kick-ass jam going here! I just need some sort of hook, some kind of chant to really punch it up... (MG, holding a local indie newspaper) "See? I told you The Replacements already broke nationwide by now! To catch them in the smaller clubs, we should've went back to '82!" (CW) "Okay! Fine! But while we're here, let's just check out Soul Asylum. They're still a local act!" (MG) "Oh, really? Miss 'The only Soul Asylum song I like is Runaway Train'? Don't expect to hear anything like that in this year!" (CW) "SHUT UP ALREADY!!! DAMN!!!" (Songwriter, again to himself) That's it! "Shut... up... already... Damn..."

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