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Cassie's Bucket List #22

Thomas Overbeck

Back to the O&A Reference Ranch! "Cattle Bell Day" comes courtesy of Jim Norton... though he may actually refer to it as "Kettle Bell Day".

Mon, Nov 12, 2012

Mr. Overbeck recommends:

Least I Could DoOut ThereQuestionable ContentSomething Positive

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Another URL


I thought it was Weasel Stomping Day?

Mon, Nov 12, 2012


Now there's an idea! Don't feel like going to work today? Just go into the past and create a holiday to give yourself the day off! Then again, with a time machine you could just go into the past, take as much time off as you want, and then come back in time for work.

Mon, Nov 12, 2012

The Other Mike

Insert obligatory "more cowbell" reference here.

Mon, Jan 27, 2014


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