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Meet The Wellses - Part 10

Thomas Overbeck

Crap, am I at 500 strips already?! Well, I couldn't get to this huge milestone without a doozy of a plot twist. :D

As Frank Bartles once said, thank you for your support!

Thu, Feb 09, 2012

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In the words of a famous sci-fi actor, ohhh my.

Thu, Feb 09, 2012


Congrats on 500! I guess Matt has given up on his Hazel flings ;)

Thu, Feb 09, 2012


Whoaaa... didn't see THAT coming... um. No pun intended.

Thu, Feb 09, 2012


Would have been funny if she caught Matt in bed with Nikki!!

Thu, Feb 09, 2012



I did NOT see that coming.

Fri, Feb 10, 2012


Times Like This, putting the "benefits" into "friends" for you! :D

Congrats with the 500 strips, Time has told us we will see 500 more! :cheers:

Sat, Feb 11, 2012

Kurt Sasso

Happy 500th strip Tom! Congratulations and may you have 500 x infinite more :)

Sat, Feb 11, 2012


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