Wingin' It - Part 6

Part 6

Here's where the Hooters storyline ends. (And sorry to disappoint, but I have no plans of actually sticking Cassie in a strip club.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2002; MG has met back up with CW] (CW) "So... How was your lunch? I hope you got excellent service there!" (MG) "Yeahhh... About that... You never told me you were a 'Hooters" girl!" (CW) "Well, you do now understand why I didn't want to go in there, right?" (MG) "Sorta. I mean, you never had a problem meeting yourself when you moved your sofa!" (CW) "Yeah, but in that situation, both of me were aware of my ability to time travel. If I ran into a past me that didn't discover time travel yet, I’m sure that past me would freak out!" (MG) "Ahhh... Okay." (CW) "But enough about that. Let's find a happenin' bar to watch the game at already!" (MG) "You got it!" [pause] (CW) "Oh, and, uh... You still wish I was dancing at a titty Bar?" (MG) "Well, sure, um... Wait, HOW DO YOU REMEMBER THAT SHIT???"

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