Wingin' It - Part 5

Part 5

Matt's being a sneaky little bastard, isn't he... trying to claim credit for inspiring Cassie to time travel... fortunately Super Bowl Sunday was a busy, tiring day for her, so she forgot most of what had transpired.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2002; Boston Hooters] (MG, to himself) Ok, Matt, stay cool... You're not spilling any secrets, you're just coming off as a Patriots fanatic... (YCW) "Well, I hope you have fun tonight. You seem so sure about the Patriots' chances of winning!" (MG) "Um... Well, I'm just a huge fan. I know it could go either way!" (YCW) "Yeah, I hear ya. I'd love to see this city become one big party if they win!" (MG) "Exactly. You know, sometimes I wish I had a time machine to see into the future!" (YCW) "Oh wow, yeah. Wouldn't that be great? I could only imagine all the stuff I could do with a time machine!" (MG) "Um... Yeah! Sure!" (YCW, leaning forward a bit – for a bigger tip?) "But I know that's just impossible. As much as I'd love to meet all those historical figures and visit ancient cities..." (MG) "Well, you never know. Maybe you and your massive brains will come up with something!" (YCW) "You sure you're talking about my brains, you sly dog? I'll be right back with your change!" (MG) "Don't worry about that, keep it!" (YCW) "Thanks a lot for coming by! I hope to see you again!" (MG) "Oh, you will, Cassie... You will..."

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