Wingin' It - Part 4

Part 4

This is sorta editorial-ish... I'm more for equal-opportunity-objectifying rather than politically-correct prudishness. And I respect all women equally, regardless of what they wear, what they do or WHO they do.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2002; Boston Hooters] (YCW) "Your wings and your fries!" (MG) "Thanks! You do an excellent job. You must like working here!" (YCW) "Of course I do! It's so much fun! Why wouldn't I love it here?" (MG) "Well, Cassie, you know how some people are. The whole 'exploitation' and 'sex-object' thing..." (YCW, eye rolling) "Oh please. Why is that still an issue? I don't feel any less dignified just because I work someplace that prefers my boobs to be halfsticking out. Besides, it's not like us girls don't get our fair share of 'eye candy'. I could go to a beach, the park or 'Chippendales' to see lots of shirtless, ripped guys work out or play around. In fact, I could just as easily work at a strip club and not feel like I'm degrading myself. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" (MG, uncomfortably) "Um... I... Uh..." (YCW) "Am I getting you all flustered, babe? I'll just let you eat your lunch now." (MG) "Yyeah... I need a lot of fuel for the big victory celebration tonight." (YCW) "The what?" (MG, to himself) Ah, FUCK!!! Matt, you IDIOT!!!

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