Miami Time Machine - Part 8

Part 8

Special appearance by the gang from Rule Of Three! Kelly then actually added on to this storyline a few months later... Here's where her embellishment starts!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Rule Of Three gals – and guys! – with Cassie & company!] (Kat) "That was a great dinner, you guys!" (MG) "Yeah. Where should we go from here?" (Ivy) "I dunno. Most of the clubs here are lame." (Dave) "Yeah. They're all owned by the same dude, Gavin Greer or Green... I hear he's buying up a lot of Dallas clubs too.." (CW) "Hey, I've got an idea. Y'all like old-school rap?" (Stone) "I'm open to it." (Ivy) "Sure..." [Hey, who's that guy in the garbage can? Oh, it's just Jesse from RO3... or IS it? Meanwhile...] [1988 – and it's a PARTY!] (MG) "Daaamn, woman, you sure know how to get down!" (Tamara – whose name is discovered in a RO3 strip) "I get down in more ways than one, if ya wanna find out!" (Hazel, to the DJ) "Play some Public Enemy, dammit!" (Kat) "This hiphop party is great, but are you sure it's safe?" (CW) "Of course! I scoped this place out already. No fights, no guns, and the police never shut it down! In fact... See that green glow in the distance? That's me!" (Stone) "Wow, cool..." (Kid Ice, to BG) "Hey it's Sci-Fi Chick!" (BG) "Oh... hey... Kid Ice, is it?"

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