Miami Time Machine - Part 7

Part 7

The Gumpification continues... I doubt Neil Armstrong would really hang with hippies, but I thought this would be fun to imagine nonetheless.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, opening the hotel room door) "Hey, Matt!" (MG) "Hey, Cassie. Here's the time machine back!" (CW) "Cool. Thanks! So, did you do anything fun in time today?" (MG) "Well, I took a little trip up the coast to the Space Center. And I decided to have a little fun with the Apollo 11 launch..." (CW) "Oh shit... What did you do NOW?" (MG) "Chill out... it wasn't history-altering or anything..." [1969; MG is being interviewed on TV at the launch site] (MG, dressed as a hippie) "Yeah, Neil's a good friend of mine. Just before he got in the rocket I told him, 'Dude... if you're the first guy to set foot on the moon, that's like gonna be a major milestone for all of mankind. And whatever you say after you take that first step had better reflect that, man!'"

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