Miami Time Machine - Part 4

Part 4

The "cock-a-thon" thing was actually not my idea (though that's the name I just gave it)... this goes back to when Cassie made a guest appearance in Kelly Ferdinando's "Rule of Three" webcomic.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, on the hotel bed) "When's your next open spot with Hazel? Monday at 4:30? That's fine... see ya then!" (BG in bikini top) "Whatcha up to now?" (CW) "I'm about to go visit this excellent masseuse in Pompano Beach. I met her and her friends last March." [The gals from Rule of Three – see strip 65] (BG) "You sure look like you need a rubdown. What you been doing?" (CW) "Welll, if you have to ask..." [Note: Cassie's wearing her OU tank top – revealing for the first time where she went to school] (BG) "Ahhh, one of those... So who was it this time?" (CW) "More like who were they. I was just feeling extra slutty this weekend... So I found out when five well-endowed famous people had visited Miami, and I went on a little 'cock-a-thon' with my time machine. [BG smacks her forehead in response] What? Why you upset? I used protection..." (BG) "No, I was just about to say I went to 1987 and got gangbanged by the 2 Live Crew, but thanks for upstaging me already, cunt!"

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