Taking The Power Back

Taking The Power Back

Back then it seemed like the states were holding their primaries earlier and earlier each election year. I was bringing that to its illogical conclusion.

TLT Trivia: This strip marked my first foray into the future. If you look closely, you'll notice that the U.S.A. has expanded to 52 states, adding Puerto Rico and Guam.

And this also marks the first time I put a real-life acquaintance of mine in the comic... Kyle is the son of one of my wife's friends, and we babysit him and his brother Damion quite often. He was 11 at the time this strip came out.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2032] (TV Anchor, off screen) "And that's the final picture here on election night for the 2032 Presidential race, with California Senator Zack De La Rocha gaining a decisive victory over Vice-President Jenna Bush. [The US now has 52 states – Guam and Puerto Rico!] Thanks for joining us, and remember to tune into the Google News Channel for in-depth coverage of the upcoming 2036 Election... starting TOMORROW with LIVE coverage of the Iowa and Arizona Primaries! [Surprised Cassie is surprised!] I'm Kyle Hendricks, good night."

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