The Terrorists' New Method Of Torture

The Terrorists' New Method Of Torture

I figured I'd better do something involving "Rick-Rolling" while it's still fresh in everyone's minds.

(EDIT 3-31-17: Looks like Rick's trick has had a lot more staying power than I thought.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [CW watching TV] (Announcer) Al-Qaeda has released a new video message from Osama bin Laden today, and Homeland Security officials have confirmed that this was indeed a recent recording, proving that Bin Laden is still alive [which was true at the time]. See for yourself... (OBL) "I am announcing that I am coming out of hiding. If the forces of the Great Satan want me, they can try and get me! Here now is my location... the GPS coordinates are as follows..." (Ladies and gentlemen: Rick Astley!) "Never gonna give you uuuup, never gonna let you dowwwn..." (OBL) "AAHAHAHAHAAAA! I just 'Rick-rolled' you all! Stupid Americans!..." [CW rolls her eyes in appropriate response...]

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