Unreal Estate

Unreal Estate

Making a small cameo appearance today (and I do mean "small") is Mustela from the webcomic World 2. (Which no longer exists... partly because it was on MySpace and was wiped out in the Great Deletion, and partly because Diane, its creator, is busy raising kids and serving passengers on plane flights.)

TLT Trivia: This is the first time I simulated Internet chat in my comic.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [CW is on her favorite online social network, World2] You live in Dallas? Sure do... northwest side How much rent do you pay? I actually own a house and share it with my friend [view of Cassie's character, winged with antennae as she talks to – a gopher?] OMG no way! That must be expensive! It's probably worth $200K now but it's fully paid off... I just set aside $400 a month for property taxes <***Mustela87's fur is turning green with envy 0_0> LOL... if you ever visit DFW, you can stay here anytime :) Cool... thanx :) So how did you pay it off so fast, you have a high-paying job? It's actually an inheritance. Got it from my great-aunt (MG, over her shoulder) "What, you're not gonna tell her the truth? That you went back to 1967 and bought this house brand new for $18,000?" (CW) "Shush."

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