Fueling Desire

Fueling Desire

Another gas-price sticker-shock gag... I came up with this one around the same time as the previous one.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG, outside their house as CW pulls up in her car) "Back from another 80's gas run, eh?" (CW) "Yep, ya can't beat 85 cents a gallon." (BG) "So, what keeps you from going back even further and cheaper?" (CW) "Well, the 80's is the earliest I could get the best formula of unleaded for our cars. Besides, before the 70's the gas stations were almost all full-service. I couldn't pump my own gas if I tried, and I really don't need the attention." (BG) "-Sigh- Will gas ever get back to a reasonable price again?" (CW) "Good news, it will... Bad news, you gotta buy a new 'recyclo-diesel' engine..."

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