Special Delivery - Part 7

Part 7

Ah yes... remember when cameras didn't do color? And they used... what was it called again? film?

Anyway, this concludes the new-baby storyline.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [BG meets Evan for the first time!] (BG) "Evan is so adorable!" (CW, holding Evan on her hip) "Yes he is! Don't you want one of your own now?" (BG) "Eh, maybe… Are you gonna take him on any time-travel escapades?" (CW, putting Evan up on her shoulder) "Yeah, but only for the first few years or so. Then it's a matter of, can he keep the big secret. And can he be trusted not to use the time machine against me." (BG) "Good point. So what era do you plan on visiting next?" (CW, looking up as Evan closes his eyes)" Well… I've always wanted an old-fashioned family portrait!" [1887; Family Webber is sitting for a proper "portrait"] (BG, voiceover) "Ooh, using that huge boxy camera with the curtain?" (CW, voiceover) "Yep! And we could always say we took it at Six Flags!" (Old Time Photographer) "Hold still now!"

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