Special Delivery - Part 5

Part 5

I'm SO glad the poopy-diaper phase with my daughter is behind me now. Having to deal with those - and a horrible gag reflex at the sight and smell of fecal matter - was no fun at all. FEEL MY PAIN, PHILIP!!! :P

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Evan's nursery; Daddy Webber is experiencing the joys of changing his first stinky diaper] (PW, who is not relishing the experience) "And so it begins… Years and years of… [wincing at the smell] eww… diaper changes. " (CW) "Actually, you'll get a pass this time." (PW) "What do you mean?" (CW) "The Scotts sent us a bunch of 'ANED' diapers from the future." (PW) "ANED…?" (CW) "I've told you about that, right? The battery-powered pants with shit-zapping nano-robots?" [Go all the way back to strip 43 for the story, kids] (PW) "Oh yeah…" (CW) "And all we gotta do is change the battery tape every few weeks until we can get Evan potty-trained! Of course, we'll still need the regular ones for when we go visit family and friends." (PW, carting off the old, dirty diaper) "Well, you could've told me all that before I had to deal with this diaper!" (CW, holding Evan) "What, and miss out on the hilarity of watching you do this for the first time?"

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