Special Delivery - Part 3

Part 3

And here we are at the big 700! The two films that are referenced here should be obvious by now.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Preparing the scene: CS is giving CW some instructions before mom and dad get over there] (CS) "First off, those fancy clothes gotta go. You're gonna need an oversized T-shirt and sweats." (PW) "Don't forget to mess up the hair!" (Doctor – Yes, he IS a real doctor – holding a "BreaStash" prosthetic breast kit) "I've got a mold of a scarred belly ready to go, and some prosthetic breast that can hold liquids!" (KS) "Later on you can take these 'Lactabler' pills to get the real thing going!" (PW, who's feeding the baby while the Doc is doing his thing with his wife – and CS looking on) "Well, this isn't uncomfortable…" (Baby) "WAAAAMMPH…" (Doc, attaching the belly mold to CW) "No need to fret, dude. I am a real doctor! The film stuff got me through med school!" (CS, urging CW on) "Hurry, your parents could be here any minute now!" [DING DONG DING DONG] (CW, taking the baby from PW) "I think that's THEM!" (PW, opening the door) "Bobby! Carla! How's it goi---" (Mom, running like she hasn't in YEARS) "CASSIE? EVERYBODY OKAY???" (CW, in a bed looking properly disheveled) "Mom, dad… Say hello to Evan Theodore Webber!"

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